Quatrain 2: Dawn’s Left Hand

Dreaming when Dawn’s Left Hand was in the Sky

I heard a Voice within the Tavern cry,

“Awake, my LIttle ones, and fill the Cup

Before Life’s Liquor in its Cup be dry.”

Rubaiyah 2 – Omar Khayyam


Dawn’s left hand: Dawn of early wisdom, the first yearning to solve the mystery of life.
A voice: Intuition of the soul.
Tavern: Sanctum of inner silence.
Little ones: Undeveloped thoughts, earliest intuitions of life’s purpose.
Fill the cup: Fill the consciousness.
Life’s liquor: Life’s vitality.
Its cup: The human body.
Be dry: Vanish.

Spiritual Interpretation

“I had not yet fully wakened from my material sleep of ignorance, and was but dreaming of the dawn of early wisdom, when I heard the intuitive voice of my soul cry out from the tavern of inner silence: ‘O little thoughts of awakening wisdom, rouse yourselves! Fill the cup of consciousness with the wine of Divine Joy, ere life’s vitality vanish from the bodily cup.'”

Practical Application

When man is dreaming with early inspiration, the inner voice of the soul urges him to wake up his undeveloped thoughts about the purpose of life and be practical, by filling his consciousness with true happiness–with Divine Joy–before life flies away.

From the interpretation of Yogananda in Wine of the Mystic.


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