The Hypocrisy Behind Islamophobia

“Islam is violent” says the American soldier shooting an innocent Iraqi child. [13]
“Islam is unjust” says the Colombian working on an American-owned coffee plantation for petty wages. [4]
“Islam is evil” says the Han Chinese who’s ancestors fought the British in 2 opium wars.
“Islam spread by the sword” says the Portuguese conquistador giving natives a choice between “the Cross and the sword.” [8]
“Islamofascism is a threat” say the politicians and CIA who organized operation Ajax, took out Shukri al-Quwatli in Syria, put Saddam Hussein in power, and installed murderous dictators in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and many more. [1,2,4,5]
“Muslims are liers” says the war-mongers, Jews, and Evangelicals who spent over $57 million spreading lies about Islam. [12]
“Islam is incompatible with democracy” says the Guatemalan Mayan who’s parents were murdered during the American-organized genocide. [1]
“Islam oppresses women” says the American bar owners who set up Soi Cowboy in Thailand, creating the #1 sex tourism spot in the world.
“Islam is incompatible with modernity” says the Italian after raping and murdering Libyan women during the pacification of Libya.
“Islam is backwards” goes the president who boasted about sexually assaulting multiple women.
“Islam disrespects women” goes the soldiers in Korean Juicy bars and sailors at Go-Go bars in Pattaya.
“Islam is against women’s rights” say the college folks where 1 in 5 women are raped. [9]
“Islam is out of touch with reality” says the drug addict.
“Muslims are gay” says the athlete while whipping his colleagues in the butt with a wet towel.
“Muslims want to conquer us” says the British colonist after crushing India’s economy, from 24.4% to 4% of the world’s GDP.
“Muslims are terrorists” says the Marine after torching a Vietnamese village and the Israeli torturing children. [11]
“Islam is diabolic” says the taxpayer while USAID floods Haiti with subsidized rice, hijacking Haiti’s agriculture, crushing their economy, stealing farmland, and forcing dependence on foreign aid. [10]
“Islam is criminal” goes the American soldier propping up Afghan warlords and throwing their opponents in Guantanamo with false accusations of terrorism, thus terrorizing the Afghans. [7]
“Islam is intolerant” say the Americans whose dictator Diem persecuted Buddhists in South Vietnam.

“Just leave us alone and let us live in peace” say oppressed people all over the world in former European colonies under the boot of brutal Western-installed dictators.

Let’s study our history and take a hard look in the mirror…

3. Robert Fisk
4. How the Other Half Dies
13. One of my SSGs told me of this atrocity he comitted in Iraq.


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