What Is a “Good Person?”

Many, nowadays, are deluded by the notion that they don’t need God, because they’re “just a good person.” Firstly, if the one saying this had his/her book of deeds laid out right in front of them that very moment, they would likely be severely deficient in terms of their good and bad deeds. If you critically analyze your actions with honesty and humility, you’ll find a number of actions you’ve committed that are quite far from anybody’s definition of “good.” Have you never lied in your life? Have you never harmed anyone, ever? Are you really a perfect example of goodness, with or without God?

This idea that you can be a “good person” by your own volition, without God, is simply one of the many manifestations of misguidance. Now let’s ask ourselves:

Can you disobey your Creator and still be a “good person?”

Can you disbelieve in your Creator and reject His message to you, and still be a “good person?”

Can you deny what your Creator has commanded you, and still be a “good person?”

In what company will you keep your job while rejecting your responsibilities? Are you a “good employee” despite rejecting your basic duties?

In what army will you succeed in if you reject the regulations and disobey the officers appointed over you? Are you a “good soldier” despite rejecting your basic duties?

Your Lord and my Lord commanded all of us to believe in Him and the Day of Judgement, to worship Him, to establish prayer and give charity, to testify that there is none other than Him and His prophets and scriptures are true.

Then, if He accepts from us, He will forgive us of our sins and multiply our good deeds. Without faith, good deeds will blow away like dust in the wind on the Day of Judgement. Who can reward and acknowledge your good deeds other than God? Who, other than God, can forgive your sins and save you from the Fire? Who else can permit you to enter Heaven? He created both. He is the Master of the Day of Judgement. Without the correct faith, you’ll have lost everything. What’s the point of enjoying a short period on Earth if you spend the next 100 million years and beyond in punishment?

There’s also a misconception that you can either be Muslim or be happy. As if Islam is some sort of burden that removes any possibility of happiness. This is not even objectively true: according to research, 85% of Muslim Americans say their faith identity is a source of happiness in their lives. Compared to other religions in America, this was only surpassed by white Evangelicals at 94%.

By His permission, you can both enjoy this life and the next life. What better deal is there than that?

“A good person:” This phrase itself is subjective without God, who gives it its objectivity. God defines what a good person is, and His religion gives you the tools to pursue it. “This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you all Islam as a religion” – Qur’an 5:3.

Submit to Him.


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