Doing it On Your Own – The Importance of a Sanad

Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad (may Allah be pleased with him) used to say that there are two types of people. There are those that God looks at directly. And you don’t want to be one of those because they will be melted. They are people that God holds them accountable for everything wrong they did, and the good they did is doubtful. Why? Because they did not attach themselves to anyone, they did it on their own, and therefore they made lots of mistakes. That’s the way a lot of Muslims are today. Even if you tell them about the awliya’ or even about the scholars, they will say “why do we need people like that?” Or “they are people and we are people just like them.” That’s not true, they’re very special people.

The second type of people, and this is the one you want to be, are the people that God only looks at through the hearts of other people. And those are people who are connected to other people. Through your sanad you’re connected to thousands of other people. And in that connection you’re connected to the great ones like sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani, and the great imams of the past, and then the prophet himself ﷺ.

So therefore when God looks at you, He will look at you through them, and that makes all the difference in the world, because we are nothing without them. We owe everything to them. They are the ones who saved our lives and saved our souls through the power of Allah ﷻ. In this time of confusion, they are the ones who show us the way and give us the beautiful example so we can hold to the religion of the prophet ﷺ and have no doubt about it.

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