Tahqiq fi Kalimat al-Quran al-Karim

This Shi’a Arabic dictionary is quite an interesting resource when delving further into the Arabic language. Sunnis also refer to his dictionary for deeper elaboration on words.

Hasan al-Muṣṭafawī looks into the original word and its application to various resources used in his interpretation of the meaning.

  1. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?7ahbatndj7pkvtb
  2. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?guso84p5yz8ny6l
  3. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?uab8oamxs8oby1h
  4. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?xivcibxyx12xx5c
  5. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?frzex8kbzk4rzfq
  6. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?lzd7pdz2q95nbpx
  7. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?6241ag8ky692of4
  8. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?15qhbq6x2o668xi
  9. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?91m2m8x5gbx1qj1
  10. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?0cctlt2accm80q6
  11. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?77sd0egq6ijj648
  12. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?fh54v59aooc67s9
  13. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?0219c4wj0yyqckp
  14. http://alfeker.mediafire.com/?ds3icyel231ct0y

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20170409105641/http://shiabooks.net/library.php?id=3260

You can buy a hard copy here: https://www.jarirbooksusa.com/11662.html


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