Bukhari’s Teacher – Adopting a Maddhab Began with the Sahaba

Adopting a madh-hab was practised since the time of the Sahabah and the knowledge of all the Sahabah pours into the 4 schools of thought that are preserved until today.

Imam Ali Al-Madina (d.234 H) sheikh of Al-Bukhari said in Al-‘ilal {summary}:

There were only three companions of the Prophet (ﷺ ) who had students who would adopt their school of thought [madh-hab] and would give fatwa according to their fatwa, and would follow their interpretive method: Abdullah ibn Mas`uwd, Zayd ibn Thabit and Abdullah ibn `Abbas.

[A. Abdullah ibn Mas`uwd’s students (the Kufan school)]

1. Abdullah ibn Mas`uwd’s students, who would give fatwa according to his fatwa and would recite the Quran in his manner of recitation, were: Alqamah ibn Qays [d. 62], Aswad ibn Yaziyd [d. 75], Masruwq [d. 63], Abidah al-Silmaniy [d. 72], Harith ibn Qays [d. 60’s] and Amr ibn Shurahbil [d. 60’s].

2. The students of these six of Abdullah’s students:
Ibrahim al-Nakha`iy would model their stand on issues on his stand and would give their fatwa according to his fatwa.

[Note: Imam Abu Hanifa was the disciple of Hammad who was the disciple of Ibrahim al-Nakha’iy]

3. Abu Ishaq and Sulayman al-A`mash knew the most about these people from among the Kufans who gave fatwa according to their fatwa and who were of their school.

4. After these people, Sufyan Thawri was of their school [madh-hab] and would give his fatwa according to their fatwa.

5. After Sufyan, Yahya ibn Sa`iyd al-Qattan was of Sufyan Thawri’s school and the school of Abdullah’s students.

[B. Ibn Abbas’ students: The Meccan School]

1. Ibn Abbas’ students who were of his school [madh-hab] and followed his way were Ata’, Tawuws, Mujahid, Jabir ibn Zayd, `Ikrimah and Sa`iyd ibn Jubayr. Sa`iyd ibn Jubayr was the most knowledgeable and reliable of them.

2. `Amr ibn Diynar was the most knowledgeable person about these people and he loved Ibn Abbas and his students. After him was Ibn Jurayj and Sufyan ibn `Uyaynah: they too loved Ibn Abbas and his way.

[C. Zayd ibn Thabit’s students: The Medinan School]

1. There are twelve of Zayd ibn Thabit’s students, some of whom met him and some didn’t, who used to rely on him for their knowledge and who would give fatwa according to his fatwa: Sa`iyd ibn al-Musayyab, `Urwah ibn Zubayr, Qabiysah ibn Dhu’ayb, Kharijah ibn Zayd, Sulayman ibn Yasar, Aban ibn `Uthman, `Ubaydullah ibn `Abdullah, Qasim ibn Muhammad, Abu Bakr ibn `Abd al-Rahman, Abu Salamah ibn `Abd al-Rahman, Talha ibn `Abdullah ibn `Awf and Nafi` ibn Jubayr ibn Mut`im.

…they were of his school [madh-hab] in fiqh and in knowledge.

2. After these people there was nobody more knowledgeable about them than Ibn Shihab, Yahya ibn Sa`iyd, Abu Zinad, Bukayr ibn `Abdullah and `Uthman. Then after them there was nobody more knowledgeable about their school [madh-hab] than Malik ibn Anas. After Malik was Abd al-Rahman ibn Mahdiy who was of their school [madh-hab] and would follow their way.

Source: Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahid Al Azhari Al Hanbali – English


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