Four Styles the Prophet ﷺ Used to Make Du’a

These photos show 4 styles that the Prophet ﷺ would use to make du’a.

A) He would face his palms towards the earth. He placed his hands like this when asking Allah for rain. Imam al-Nawwawi said that this style should be done when asking for tribulation to be lifted.

B) He would stretch his arms until you could still the whiteness of his underarms. The Prophet ﷺ would pray like this when he was intensely asking for something.

C) He ﷺ would make du’a by placing his hands towards his chest.

D) He would supplicate with his index finger pointing towards the sky. He was seen supplicating with one finger whilst on the minbar. This can also be done with the arm and index finger above the head.

The Prophet ﷺ performed the Qunut for an entire month and asked Allah to punish the tribes of Ri’l, Dhakwan, ‘Usaya, and Bani Lihan after they requested the Prophet ﷺ to send them teachers so they could study the religion. The Prophet ﷺ sent them 70 memorisers of the Quran and the most learned of his Companions. These tribes plotted against the Muslims and unjustly murdered them. This upset and angered the Prophet ﷺ greatly such that he prayed against them.

Source: Mohammed Aslam

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