Fiqh and Aqida Differences

There are & were awliya’ who are Hanafi,
& Hanbali in fiqh.

There are & were awliya’ who are Ash’ari,
& traditional Athari in aqida.

If all of these great men and women reached the highest stations with Allah ﷻ through these various paths, why cling and promote one of them so strongly above the others?

It’s like arguing about the color of car to rent. Just pick one and get on with the trip. Sitting around bragging about it will only slow you down and waste time.

Many of our great shuyukh were masters of multiple madhhabs, like ibn AtaIllah who mastered both Maliki and Shafi’i fiqh and was Ash’ari in aqida or sheikh Abdul Qadr al-Jilani who mastered Hanbali and Shafi’i fiqh and was Athari in aqida. Not to mention the long list of Hanafi Maturidis. It’s not a matter of contest, which is a disease of the ego that may hold you back from progression on the path. All of these paths are good, all of these paths are valid, all of these paths lead to the same destination when properly followed: our Lord, insha’Allah.

Abandon pride.

(Note that some modern claimants to Athari aqida are the furthest from it).

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