Shuyukh and Muluk – Real and False Sheikhs

There are shuyukh (true sheikhs) and there are muluk (kings).

On the path it is always possible and sometimes easy to go astray.

The muluk are the false sheikhs who failed a test along the path of suluk. As some folks progress on the path, God may give them powerful du’as and states, but then they begin to behave as if they were gods themselves. They act like kings, Pharaoh-like, dividing and controlling people.

You must realize that all of these things are tests. They are not the destination, God is the destination. Keep going, don’t stop and revel. This dunya is nothing.

The true states of ihsan, in the middle and end of the path of suluk, require that you see God all around you and see yourself as an instrument of God. The muhsinun are the people of true tawhid. And they too must constantly be aware of their limits and never be deceived by the graces that God has given them. Until their last breath, they must renew their commitment and beware of ever being deluded by God’s gifts.

This is one of the greatest dangers of the path–you’re never safe until your last breath. And you never reach a state where there is nothing to worry about anymore. The path may be lost at any time. The wali is only safe from the delusions and destructions of this world and from Satan once his soul leaves his body.

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