Why Tasawwuf Sometimes Doesn’t Make Sense

We may read Sufic poems, texts, quotes, and aphorisms that make no sense to us, but mean a lot to others. Why?

Because this is wisdom that is being shared by masters on the path of suluk who treaded the path before us. This is special knowledge brought through experience and passed down through generations of masters who reached the ends of the path intact.

For someone who is not even on the path, nothing will make sense and misunderstandings are the rule, rather than the exception. It’s almost impossible for someone to understand it without taking the path him or herself. How many other things in life can you think of that you cannot fully comprehend without experiencing yourself? SCUBA diving, skydiving, firearms, driving, your personal career, and so many other things. Why would tasawwuf be any different?

For those on the path but in earlier stages, there are still many things you may come across that you don’t comprehend until you experience them. Then you go back and read them, and you know exactly what they’re referring to. Whereas an outsider looks at it and thinks it’s a bunch of hocus pocus.

For someone who never saw snow, he may reject its very existence. For the one who walked in it and played in it for years, it’s part of his existence.

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