On Western Aversion to Anything Islamic

It’s kind of peculiar how absolutely averse the Western world is to anything even remotely Islamic, to the point that people intentionally excise the “Islam” part out of products and history to sell it to Westerners.

Like turning Rumi into some watered-down, new-age tripped-out 70s Hippie gibberish.
Or erasing the fact that most Western church architecture comes from Middle Eastern mosque and church originals.
Or the roots of our education system and common law (check out Makdisi’s works).
Or erasing Islam from the history of slaves in America, except only to somehow blame shift on some imaginary “Arab slave trade” that was microscopic and negligible.
Or Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an and the early delegates who voted that the president could be Muslim before even the Declaration of Independence.
Or the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco was the first country to recognize the US and holds the oldest and longest-standing treaty in American history. I guess because the king’s name was “Muhammad” his good will towards us is now null and void.
Or the original abolitionist movement in Senegambia which influenced Europe and America.
Or the resurrection of Latin was a counter to the beauty of Arabic. Even the Christian youth of Spain were fluent in Arabic and recited Arabic poetry under Islamic Spain. So they revived Latin just to spite the Muslims.

There’s a hidden sanad (chain of transmission) in so many aspects of Western culture that have been intentionally erased from the public eye.

The only time they mention Islam is to bring up some negative light about it with exaggerations and dishonest scholarship, turning an ant hill into a moll mound.

What are the elites afraid of? Westerners discovering the truth, like in the 1500s when thousands left the shores of Europe for the North African and Ottoman territories, where they could live free and escape the oppression of feudalism for a free market economy?

It seems like the slave masters have always been afraid of Islam. The reality is, if they themselves embraced Islam, they would realize that it doesn’t threaten their grip on power. It only refreshes the lands it enters with a better system, where the rich can be ethically rich without abusing the poor.

Let go of the rope of Satan and grab hold of the rope of God.

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