The Problems with DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”

DiAngelo’s White Fragility can be broken down into several categories of problematic views.

American Culture

America has like a culture of arrogance–whatever they happen to believe at any given moment is somehow a “universal truth and value.” This, of course, is subject to change at any given moment (even though a universal truth shouldn’t change). Whatever they discover is some sort of “newfound truth” that the rest of the world needs to be enlightened about. In reality, these types of Americans are just blind to their own ignorance. Americans need to stop projecting their own insecurities onto others–quite a long topic in itself, cue Orientalism. So it’s not surprising when another “white” American female discovers something, then has a feeling of being the first “white” ever to discover it and feel the need to “be the hero” and inform others in the most condescending way possible.

American capitalism is an issue in itself as well. Racism is profitable and this goes both ways–both in profiting off of the plight of minorities as well as sustaining an exaggerated notion that minorities are being horribly oppressed. People need a common enemy and uniting against those “horrible, bigoted, racist” Conservatives offers a scapegoat for the actions of America’s elite, pulling the strings behind the curtain. “Whiteness studies” is DiAngelo’s academic field. And I’m sure DiAngelo has made a pretty penny off her book sales and academic career–and especially her university. When you have no purpose in life, creating a purpose becomes a means and ends in itself.

Copyright Laws and Universities

Copyright laws are designed to favor the wealthy, especially in education. Universities require their professors to publish books at certain intervals, and they take the copyright laws to their advantage, reaping most of the profits. Of course, just like with any other product, producing books that garner the most attention are the most profitable, and the “whiteness studies” department is no exception.

A Lesson From British Apartheid in South Africa

This ironically reminds me of apartheid in South Africa. The British colonists invented four racial categories:

  1. White people (by their definition of it)
  2. Mixed white
  3. Indian
  4. Black African

Your racial category determined what kind of jobs you could get, what percentage of your class could graduate, where you could live, etc. If I recall correctly, only the top 3% of students could graduate to the next grade in college for black Africans. For Indians, it was the top ~7%. For whites of course, the ratio was substantially higher. So even if you scored 96% of your class, you still failed according to the British because you’re “black.”

This reminds me of a story of a friend of mine who grew up in apartheid. They were building a house once and they hired an African to lay bricks. Someone came and told them the police were coming to arrest him because he was “working a job that was higher than his intellect.” So they lied to the police to cover for him, and said he was actually just carrying dirt to lay foundation or something. They let him go.

The idea that someone cannot understand or learn something purely because of their race is straight out of the book of colonialism. It’s nothing short of racist. Yes, a Caucasian or “white person” (however you want to define that) is fully capable of understanding race problems just as much as anyone else. Likewise, an Indian or black South African is perfectly capable of becoming an engineer or doctor or lawyer or anything else you can name. It just so happens that DiAngelo woke up for the first time to America’s historic issues with race and now she felt obliged to write a book to project her own feelings of the moment onto every other “white person.”

A Faulty Understanding of History

Few are aware of the roots of racism in the Enlightenment–especially Immanuel Kant. The Enlightenment is seen as some pivotal role of human advancement, leaving ignorant religions behind (really, Christianity which failed the West) and adopting secular Humanism. Now, they believe, mankind can create the utopia they were expecting from Christianity and Jesus’ ﷺ second coming on their own, without God, by sheer willpower. As we’ve seen, things only got worse since–colonialism, American chattel slavery, two world wars, the Holocaust, Communism, etc.

The reality is that Western concepts of race are even still, today, based on colonial mindsets. Enlightenment thinkers used a contrived perception of “race” to justify their own brutality during their colonial adventures, a “no holds barred” approach to conquest where anything goes as long as it promotes the West. Genocide is not off the table. Lying, cheating, bribing, and reneging on contracts are the norm (even to this day). Economics, to them, is to trade on as unequal terms as possible, and create a world that depends on European exports, while their colonies provide them with raw materials for industrialization. These satanic ideas mandated a certain cognitive dissonance–and white supremacy provided the perfect solution.

Disbelief and Double Ignorance

Non-Muslims have a hard time striking a balance with anything. They tend to pivot from one extreme to another. Their framing of everything–from history to science to theology, you name it–is always twisted and corrupt in one way or another, without realizing it. Combine this with the Western superiority complex, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, where one falsehood leads to the next. They can never hit the bullseye until they accept Islam and fully open their eyes to their own ignorance–Socratic ignorance over double ignorance.

Islam also gives the Muslim purpose. They no longer need to invent a purpose in life to pursue fervently and beyond what is reasonable. The means become the ends, where your “purpose,” IE “whiteness studies,” is your purpose in itself, creating a paradox where the goal is not to solve a problem but to create and sustain a profitable enterprise. Stoking up attention and sales is the goal, rather than accomplishing something. Their dreams are worldly. Thus, their ideas of race–both the Liberals and white supremacists–are based on a faulty perception of history and illusory dream of the future.

Muslims never saw race the way Westerners do. We have lineage, but the idea that a certain percentage of “blackness” inside of someone (IE 1/8th or 1/16th etc.) makes them “colored” versus “white” is purely Western, as much as the notion that a certain race of people are less capable than others intellectually or industrially, etc. Being “color blind” sounds like someone judges people according to their own actions–this of course is an injustice to those who want to perpetuate race ad infinitum as an issue. Such a person is lacking “color consciousness” where they must accept the undying “fact” that African Americans are perpetually downtrodden until we can finally balance the scales of history. Subtle Christian concepts of original sin resurface, albeit in a secular tone, devoid of any study of theology. Because Westerners aren’t allowed to deeply study religion anymore, or it may re-open old wounds of the Thirty Years’ War or French Revolution, they can never figure out the roots of their ideas except under an agenda-laden paradigm of selective memory. And most Westerners today are too arrogant and fragile to admit they’re ever wrong–only retrospectively about “people of the past” to justify current paradigms, be they white supremacy or secular liberal humanism.

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