Wahhabi Takfir of the Ottoman Empire

In Durar 9/291-292 (الدرر السنية في الأجوبة النجدية – ج 9: الجهاد 2 – حكم المرتد) we find the Wahhabis making takfir (excommunication) of the Ottoman Empire, anybody who “worships graves and righteous people” (according to their definition of that), and also anybody who does not agree with them in this takfir.


As for whoever does not takfir the mushkrikin from the Turkish State, and worshipers of graves, like the people of Mecca and others, from the worshipers of the salihin (referring to saints here, but calling them salihin instead of awliya’), and turns away from oneness (tawhid) of Allah to shirk (polytheism), and substitutes the sunnah of His messenger ﷺ with innovation, then he is a kafir like them, even if he dislikes other religions, and despises them, and loves Islam and the Muslims. For indeed those who do not make takfir on the mushrikin, has not affirmed the Qur’an, and indeed the Qur’an declares the mushrikin to be kuffar, and commands with takfir of them, and hostility to them and fighting them.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhab, Allah have mercy on him, said in “nullifiers of Islam,” thirdly: one who does not takfir the mushrikin, or has doubt in their kufr, or considers their way valid, is a kafir. And Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah, Allah have mercy on him, said: whoever calls upon Ali ibn Abi Talib has disbelieved, and whoever doubts in his kufr, has disbelieved.

Download Durar in Arabic here


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