Three Levels of Freedom

The first level of freedom is the freedom of the common folk: the breaking of bonds of the ego and its passions.
حرية عن رق الشهوات

At the second stage, the masters speak of the true freedom of the minority (حرية الخاصة), which is liberation from the slavery of the various types of bitterness and frustration that accompany our approach to self-annihilation (fana’) from our personal wills, so that we may be immersed in the singular Will of God, the Real (al-Haqq).
حرية عن رق المرارات لفناء إراداتهم في إرادة الحق

At the third stage is the freedom of the minority of the minority (حرية خاصة الخاصة). Deliverance from the slavery of outward configurations (rusum) and vestiges (athar) by virtue of being utterly effaced in the self-disclosure of the Light of the lights.
حرية عن رق الرسوم والآثار لانمحاقهم في تجلي نور الأنوار


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