The Problems with DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”

DiAngelo's White Fragility can be broken down into several categories of problematic views. American Culture America has like a culture of arrogance--whatever they happen to believe at any given moment is somehow a "universal truth and value." This, of course, is subject to change at any given moment (even though a universal truth shouldn't change). … Continue reading The Problems with DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”

Playground Politics and Leaders We Deserve

Something I find quite disturbing in America (and other countries) is the childishness of politics. People are actually excited that America is in trouble right now, just so they can take their jabs at Trump. Everything is so polarized between hard-Left and hard-Right, it's just a competition between demagogues rather than any actual concerted effort … Continue reading Playground Politics and Leaders We Deserve

Picking Sides in Politics

The dichotomies of American politics have resulted in a number of American Muslims "picking sides" and throwing vitriol in the other direction. Personally, I don't have a side to pick--which is representative of the prophetic sira where the prophet ﷺ, when presented with old tribal rivalries on who gets to place the black stone in … Continue reading Picking Sides in Politics

Why Are Trump Supporters Obsessed with the Left?

You can hardly get a word in before a rebuttal is being repeated to you, defending Trump's latest actions. Yet you actually said nothing about Trump, let alone criticized him. You try to start an intellectual, casual conversation about politics, since this gentleman you are talking with seems interested in politics, and yet the only … Continue reading Why Are Trump Supporters Obsessed with the Left?

Voluntourism and Postcolonialism

From my time abroad and learning from educated friends, the reality of the world is quite eye-opening compared to what I used to think. It’s kind of disturbing to learn this, actually. But I think it’s important. It’s basically become a business. Abusing children abroad to collect donations from back home, which may just wind … Continue reading Voluntourism and Postcolonialism

Identity, Nationalism, and Denial

Imagine that your brother Donny lives with you in your house. You've always been told Donny is a good guy. He loves helping others, feeding the poor, and works hard for his money. Then one day someone tells you otherwise about Donny: that he's actually a drug dealer, feeds on the poor, destroys communities, and, … Continue reading Identity, Nationalism, and Denial