Jews Between Revelation

When you study the history of Judaism in the period of the gap between the last two prophets Isa ﷺ and Muhammad ﷺ, you find quite a bit of peculiarities. The Three Jewish–Roman Wars The Jews had just denied the prophet Isa ﷺ and tried to have him killed in 30 CE. Then they started … Continue reading Jews Between Revelation


There Is No Kosher Torah

Something that surprises me is how many Jews still believe the Torah is kosher. Some Jews can debate ad infinitum about various issues in their law, perhaps even to the point of overturning basic principles of faith as is convenient for modern issues. What many are unaware of is the fact that there is no … Continue reading There Is No Kosher Torah

Voluntourism and Postcolonialism

From my time abroad and learning from educated friends, the reality of the world is quite eye-opening compared to what I used to think. It’s kind of disturbing to learn this, actually. But I think it’s important. It’s basically become a business. Abusing children abroad to collect donations from back home, which may just wind … Continue reading Voluntourism and Postcolonialism

Identity, Nationalism, and Denial

Imagine that your brother Donny lives with you in your house. You've always been told Donny is a good guy. He loves helping others, feeding the poor, and works hard for his money. Then one day someone tells you otherwise about Donny: that he's actually a drug dealer, feeds on the poor, destroys communities, and, … Continue reading Identity, Nationalism, and Denial

A Brief History of the Temple of Jerusalem

The first temple was built by the prophet Solomon ﷺ, and he built it virtually identically to the tabernacle. When the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, according to the Bible, they had a tabernacle, a big tent, and that was their temple. It was divided into two sections and the tent was … Continue reading A Brief History of the Temple of Jerusalem

Terrorism Was Never Mainstream Sunni Islam

Summary: "Sunni" Muslim terrorism is rooted in non-traditional Islam, such as the Salafi and Modernist movements.Traditional, orthodox Sunni Muslims have always rejected this behavior and rejected terrorism, from the advent of Islam to today.American Imperialism is a major root of resentment and it fuels terrorism.Terrorism hurts everyone, both Muslims and non-Muslims, though Muslims have taken … Continue reading Terrorism Was Never Mainstream Sunni Islam

The Italian Takeover of Kufra

The Frankfurter Zeitung reporter and author Muhammad Asad interviewed a man from Kufra after its seizure by the Italians in his book The Road to Mecca. "How did Kufra fall?" With a weary gesture, Sidi Umar [al-Mukhṭār] motioned to one of his men to come closer: "Let this man tell thee the story…He is one … Continue reading The Italian Takeover of Kufra

Islam & Race

One thing I love about Islam is there is no "superior" culture or race. Every culture has its positives and negatives, and Islam beautifies it by removing the bad and leaving the good. This is the attitude of the ummah and of our forefathers, and this attitude is in stark contrast to the attitudes of … Continue reading Islam & Race

The Hippie Trail: Afghanistan Before the War

Back in the mid-1950s to the late 1970s, Afghanistan was, in fact, a major tourism destination. A variety of folks would be found in the plethora of hotels and tourism agencies in Kabul and other cities. The "hippie trail," as it was known in Europe, crossed a multitude of Muslim countries, causing a boom in … Continue reading The Hippie Trail: Afghanistan Before the War