Three Levels of Freedom

﷽ The first level of freedom is the freedom of the common folk: the breaking of bonds of the ego and its passions.حرية عن رق الشهوات At the second stage, the masters speak of the true freedom of the minority (حرية الخاصة), which is liberation from the slavery of the various types of bitterness and … Continue reading Three Levels of Freedom

Hadith: On Saying “Labbayk ya Rasul Allah”

"Labbayk ya rasul Allah!" Anas bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:Mu'adh bin Jabal was riding on the beast with the Prophet (ﷺ), when he (ﷺ) said to him, "O Mu'adh!" Mu'adh replied, "Here I am responding to you (labbayk), and at your pleasure, O Messenger of Allah (لبيك يا رسول الله وسعديك)." … Continue reading Hadith: On Saying “Labbayk ya Rasul Allah”

On Admitting When We’re Wrong

The travail of Shaytan, may Allah ﷻ protect us from him, is his inability to simply admit that he was wrong. This is what separates him from Adam ﷺ: Adam ﷺ chose humility and repented, Shaytan chose arrogance (الكِبر) and refused to admit he was wrong, even when the truth is overtly clear. 'Abdullah bin … Continue reading On Admitting When We’re Wrong

Fiqh and Aqida Differences

There are & were awliya' who are Hanafi,Maliki,Shafi'i,& Hanbali in fiqh. There are & were awliya' who are Ash'ari, Maturidi, & traditional Athari in aqida. If all of these great men and women reached the highest stations with Allah ﷻ through these various paths, why cling and promote one of them so strongly above the … Continue reading Fiqh and Aqida Differences