Judaism and Christianity

Blog posts about Judaism and Christianity.

“Let the Muslim be my master in outward things rather than the Latin [i.e., the Roman Catholic] dominate me in matters of the spirit. For if I am subject to the Muslim, at least he will not force me to share his faith.”

Patriarch Michael III of Constantinople (d. 1178 CE), the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church from 1170-1178

Judaism and the Afterlife

Insha’Allah this will be a continual WIP I’ve found some interesting things in Judaic sources on the afterlife. Mishneh Repentance 8 In the Mishneh Torah, Repentance 8 we find references to Hell and a description of the soul. We also find education on how ephemeral this life is and that the true goal is the … Continue reading Judaism and the Afterlife

2 Common Misconceptions Christians Have About Christianity

When engaging in dialogue with Christians, a good portion of your time may be simply spent on dispelling myths, misconceptions, and straw man arguments about not only Islam, but also about Christianity itself. Most laypeople in the world are generally uninformed about religion in general, including their own. I will say that non-Protestants (IE Catholics, … Continue reading 2 Common Misconceptions Christians Have About Christianity

Early Christian Theologies

This will be a continual work-in-progress over the years of compiling a list of early Christian theologies, focusing mainly on those with Muslim-sounding themes or major turning points in history. No single early theology lines up 100% with what Muslims believe the prophet Jesus ﷺ truly preached. But by looking at different theologies, we can … Continue reading Early Christian Theologies

Neo-Pagan Manhood Movement

There’s a strange movement among white Western men of this “alpha male.” High testosterone, high energy, strength training, US military culture, and libido are emphasized, with references to both Jesus and Valhalla (despite being completely contradictory) thrown in for good measure. Statues of masculine men from ancient Rome and Greece are practically worshiped and idolized … Continue reading Neo-Pagan Manhood Movement

Jews Between Revelation

When you study the history of Judaism in the period of the gap between the last two prophets Isa ﷺ and Muhammad ﷺ, you find quite a bit of peculiarities. The Three Jewish–Roman Wars The Jews had just denied the prophet Isa ﷺ and tried to have him killed in 30 CE. Then they started … Continue reading Jews Between Revelation

What Jewish & Christian Zionists Fail to See

What Jewish and Christian Zionists fail to see about Israel is that God favoring a nation above others was contingent on obedience to Him. It’s not like they were favored because of their race (hence the racial undertones behind southern Evangelical support…) They were favored because they submitted to the Creator and implemented His laws. … Continue reading What Jewish & Christian Zionists Fail to See