2 Common Misconceptions Christians Have About Christianity

When engaging in dialogue with Christians, a good portion of your time may be simply spent on dispelling myths, misconceptions, and straw man arguments about not only Islam, but also about Christianity itself. Most laypeople in the world are generally uninformed about religion in general, including their own. I will say that non-Protestants (IE Catholics, … Continue reading 2 Common Misconceptions Christians Have About Christianity


Early Christian Theologies

This will be a continual work-in-progress over the years of compiling a list of early Christian theologies, focusing mainly on those with Muslim-sounding themes or major turning points in history. No single early theology lines up 100% with what Muslims believe the prophet Jesus ﷺ truly preached. But by looking at different theologies, we can … Continue reading Early Christian Theologies

Friedrich Nietzsche on Islam

Friedrich Nietzsche writes in his book, Der AntiChrist (the Anti-Christian) in 1888: The whole labour of the ancient world gone for naught : I have no word to describe the feelings that such an enormity arouses in me. And, considering the fact that its labour was merely preparatory, that with adamantine self consciousness it laid … Continue reading Friedrich Nietzsche on Islam

Neo-Pagan Manhood Movement

There's a strange movement among white Western men of this "alpha male." High testosterone, high energy, strength training, US military culture, and libido are emphasized, with references to both Jesus and Valhalla (despite being completely contradictory) thrown in for good measure. Statues of masculine men from ancient Rome and Greece are practically worshiped and idolized … Continue reading Neo-Pagan Manhood Movement

Bible Verses on Jesus and Monotheism

Here is a compilation of Bible verses on monotheism and the prophethood of Jesus ﷺ. Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods before Me." Exodus 20:4-5“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down … Continue reading Bible Verses on Jesus and Monotheism

There Is No Kosher Torah

Something that surprises me is how many Jews still believe the Torah is kosher. Some Jews can debate ad infinitum about various issues in their law, perhaps even to the point of overturning basic principles of faith as is convenient for modern issues. What many are unaware of is the fact that there is no … Continue reading There Is No Kosher Torah

A Brief History of the Temple of Jerusalem

The first temple was built by the prophet Solomon ﷺ, and he built it virtually identically to the tabernacle. When the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, according to the Bible, they had a tabernacle, a big tent, and that was their temple. It was divided into two sections and the tent was … Continue reading A Brief History of the Temple of Jerusalem

Evolution of Jesus in Early Christianity – Notes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lBHmpaYUHI Bart Ehrman's presentation on his thesis Arius believed Christ was God, but how could Christ be God and God be God? And how could Christ be All-Mighty and God also be All-Mighty? Only one could be All-Mighty. So Arius said that in eternity past, God existed but wasn't the father yet, so then he … Continue reading Evolution of Jesus in Early Christianity – Notes

Paul Does Not Qualify to be a Narrator

Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "I am the nearest of all the people to the son of Mary, and all the prophets are paternal brothers, and there has been no prophet between me and him (i.e. Jesus)." [Bukhari and Muslim] According to Islamic standards, Paul does not qualify to be a hadith … Continue reading Paul Does Not Qualify to be a Narrator