The Word “Palestine” in Hebrew and its Usage in Judaic Texts

﷽وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم, ما بعد What is the word for Palestine in Hebrew? Does it show it up in Hebrew texts? Let's take a brief look. Let's use the Klein dictionary. It is described as: "A clear and concise work on the origins of the Hebrew words and their … Continue reading The Word “Palestine” in Hebrew and its Usage in Judaic Texts


The Ru’ya Twice a Day

﷽ The beautific vision of Allah ﷻ is the greatest reward. Here I will compile the hadith I have found on being given the ru'ya twice a day in Paradise, inshaAllah. Book 40 of the Ihya (source) Mujahid said, “The lowliest of Heaven’s people shall travel a thousand years in his kingdom, beholding its farthest … Continue reading The Ru’ya Twice a Day

Three Types of Knowledge

There's 3 types of knowledge: Tajreebi - Experimental. Trial and error. Empirical.'Aqli - Intellectual - Like math and logic.Transmitted - Knowledge, history, religious, etc. Prophets (alayhum as-Salaam) give us transmitted religious knowledge (Qur'an and hadith) through chains.

Mentioning the Dajjal From the Minbar

Chapter: The Dajjal Will Not Come Out Until The People Neglect* His Mention Rashid ibn Sa'd narrated: When Istakhar (in Persia) was conquered, a caller called: "Hey! Indeed the Dajjal has come!" Then Sa'b ibn Jathamah met them and said: if not for what you said, I would inform you that indeed I heard the … Continue reading Mentioning the Dajjal From the Minbar

What Does “Allah Created Adam in His Image” Mean?

﷽ The Jews and Christians understood this anthropomorphically from the Old Testament. They may refer to God as a "perfect man in the sky" or a "big man" and other man-like characteristics. Muslims almost never understood it this way, aside from a tiny few of sectarians. Hadith This hadith has been transmitted on the authority … Continue reading What Does “Allah Created Adam in His Image” Mean?