Selections from the Law of Manu

The Law of Manu or Manusmriti is a legal code on dharma in Hinduism. It was used to formulate the Hindu law by the British colonial government. Note that these legal texts are not really read by lay Hindus, who are more likely to read the Ghita and Upanishads. On Caste and Stages of Life … Continue reading Selections from the Law of Manu


Qur’an on Reincarnation

In chapter 23 of the Qur'an, surat al-Mu'minun, a people after Noah ﷺ are mentioned who denied the resurrection and according to ibn Kathir believed in reincarnation. Ibn Kathir states in commenting on Surat Yasin verse 36:31: Do they not see how many of the generations We have destroyed before them? Verily, they will not … Continue reading Qur’an on Reincarnation

The Indic Religions and the Vedas

The Indic religions, also known as Dharmic and Indian religions, are comprised of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and others. They are related with similar roots and core beliefs, but flower out in a variety of beliefs and practices. Let's start with an intro to the history and then get into the Vedic creation story. Note … Continue reading The Indic Religions and the Vedas